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Tranquility Briefs

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These High performance briefs deliver superior absorbency.  The "Peach Mat Construction" guarantees skin dryness, odor control, bacterial control and pH neutralization.  These briefs are soft and comfortable.  The refastenable tape tabs enable multiple opening and closing of the brief.  These briefs are available in six sizes.  Latex-free.



Item# Description Size Absorbency Packaging
2112 Junior 28-42 lbs 10.2 oz 120/cs
2166 X-Small 18"-26" w/h 10.9 oz 100/cs
2120 Small 24"-32" w/h 12.7 oz 100/cs
2122 Medium 32"-44" w/h 20.4 oz 96/cs
2132 Large 45"-58" w/h 21.4 oz 96/cs
2134 X-Large 56"-64" w/h 23.7 oz 72/cs