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Covidien Incontinence

Covidien® is a leading provider of essential medical products. Covidien’s comprehensive line of urological products are manufactured to uniquely address the full range of incontinence issues. The company makes incontinence products to encompass the entire age spectrum as well.

From Covidien booster pads, Covidien baby diapers and Covidien training pads to Covidien adult protective underwear, Covidien belted undergarments, Covidien bladder control pads and Covidien super / maximum absorbancy briefs, the Covidien incontinence products PA-Less carries meet the requirements of consumers’ varied clinical needs.

An estimated 200 million individuals worldwide are affected by some form of incontinence. This prevalence has resulted in the global incontinence products industry reaching $5.26 billion in 2010, with the expectation of it growing to $7.08 billion by 2017. And these figures don’t even include those individuals who suffer in silence due to embarrassment.

PA-Less’s incontinence products allow these individuals to shop for the incontinence products they need from the comfort and privacy of their own home. At the same time, PA-Less affords its customers access to all the major incontinence supply brands (Attends, Covidien and Select) at competitive pricing.